Annoyed By Chewing Noises? It’s A Genuine Psychiatric Disorder

Do you get unfathomably angry at the sound of people doing the following: Drinking, chewing, crunching, gulping, nail biting, slurping, swallowing, clicking, breathing, sniffling, wheezing, whistling, finger tapping…the list goes on.

For some people reading this, those words alone are enough to get their blood boiling. If like me, you are one of these unfortunate souls, I have news; you’re suffering from a condition called Misophonia.


The literal definition of misophonia is the hatred of sound. But sufferers don’t simply despise everything they hear. There are particular triggers that will send people into an almost uncontrollable rage. Sufferers will know that as soon as they hear one of their trigger sounds, it is impossible to filter it out. You become fixated on it and have an overwhelming urge to tell the perpetrator to stop immediately.

This condition is serious, it’s not just the mild dislike of some sounds, it causes extremely strong emotions in the sufferer and can have an extremely detrimental effect on someones relationships. When I am sat around a dinner table and someone is chewing with their mouth open it becomes unbearable. I’m not able to join in with the conversation as all of my energy is focussed on not shouting ‘close your fu**ing mouth’

It often affects sufferers loved ones most. It can lead to blazing arguments over the smallest thing such as slurping your cup of tea.


The workplace can be incredibly tricky and cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. Being sat next to someone who does one of your triggers is one of the most frustrating things in the world and can only be likened to torture. It can cause you to become very unfocused and have an extremely negative impact on your output.

People with misophonia often suffer in silence for fear of causing offence or being mocked. When sufferers do speak up they’re often dismissed as being too sensitive – they’re told to “get over it,” “stop being so difficult,” or told to “grow up.”
It’s not that easy, trust me.


Is there a cure for this infuriating condition? Well, I’m afraid there isn’t a pill you can take that will make it go away. However there are a number of things you can do to limit the effect it has on your life. Make sure you talk to your family, friends and colleagues about the condition. If they don’t believe you, show them this article if it helps…

If your work environment is full of triggers make sure you ask your boss if you can move somewhere else, that could lead to you getting your own office!

Some people have had hypnotherapy to help deal with their symptoms and say it’s been effective, it’s something I’m currently considering, I’ll try anything that might help.

If you’re not sure whether you suffer from the condition this will help you find out:

If that was torture, you have Misophonia.

Struggles Only Women With Resting B!tch Face Understand

#1 People don’t know when you’re serious, joking, or sarcastic. You’re pretty funny and you make people laugh their socks off. But after they laugh, you’re asked if you were joking. Which beats the purpose of a joke most of the time.

Resting B!tch Face 01

#2 People think you’re impolite because you don’t smile, even if you said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in a singsong voice. The face isn’t cooperating!! Just leave it alone, OK?

Resting B!tch Face 02

#3 People think you’re always having a bad day. But you’re really just … going through the day like anybody else.

Resting B!tch Face 03

#4 People ask you often if you’re OK. The concern is sweet, but it’s tiring to keep saying you’re fine and people still don’t believe you.

Resting B!tch Face 04

#5 People tell you to smile more. You just wanna be like, ‘Hey, you don’t find me telling you what to do with your face! SO SHUT UP.’

Resting B!tch Face 05

#6 People think you hate the world. OK, so you might hate the world sometimes because it can be messed up. But you’re not trying to send the message that you do! Besides, life can be pretty awesome, too.

Resting B!tch Face 06

#7 People think nothing makes you happy. That’s not true! You like flowers and getting your paycheck and kids! You’re also drawn to mundane things like that wafting cigarette smoke even if you don’t smoke. You’re not hating on the smoker, at least not at the moment.

Resting B!tch Face 07

#8 People think you’re judging them. It can be a good thing, to make people doubt themselves or think about what they just said. But you’re labeled as the mean one at once. How about ‘quick-witted’ or just … listening?

Resting B!tch Face 08

#9 People are scared of you, so they don’t want to approach you. They’re afraid you’ll lash out on them the moment they utter a syllable. Where’d that come from?? You’ll drop anything and make time for anybody who needs to vent!

Resting B!tch Face 09

#10 You have to make yourself act extra perky to make a good impression. People just don’t know how tiring it is to pretend to be someone you’re not. And they don’t know the pain you feel in your cheeks right now from smiling too big for too long ‘ yep, your cheeks are shaking and twitching. You’re looking good. Not.

Resting B!tch Face 10

#11 People think you’re bossy or a snob when you give instructions. You might have to say eve-ry word care-ful-ly, like so. Which sucks ’cause who’s going to take you seriously now?

Resting B!tch Face 11

You Really Shouldn’t Fall Asleep With The Television On…Here’s Why


We’re all guilty of putting a film on when we get in bed with the intention of falling asleep about 10 minutes into it, but a doctor has warned that’s a really bad idea.

Ehen you crash out in front of the TV with that flickering light on your face it disrupts your sleep patterns and that affects your mood and temperament, according to Dr. Guy Meadows from The Sleep School.

“We’re designed to sleep in the dark. When the sun comes up, the light receptors in the retina at the back of the eye tell us it’s time to wake up by inhibiting the release of melatonin, the hormone that makes us sleepy.”

Which obviously wakes us up and stops us from sleeping. But if the light receptors in your eyes are having to deal with the lights of the television, melatonin won’t be released and you won’t be able to achieve a decent level of sleep. And you’ll end up being really tired.


“Tiredness dampens down the effect of the pre-frontal cortex in the brain, which is responsible for more rational thought and causes us to use the part of the brain responsible for emotion called the amygdale.”

How do we know this? Hamsters.


Tracy Bedrosian who led a study at Ohio State University took sixteen hamsters and exposed them to bright lights, mimicking daylight for sixteen hours.

After this, half the hamsters were placed in true darkness and the other half were placed under dim lights designed to mimic the light of a television.

According to Bedrosian’s report, the hamsters subjected to dim light scored “significantly lower on a series of mood tests,” after eight weeks.

Another researcher involved with the study noted that the hamsters exposed to dim lights started developing symptoms of depression in a report.

“The darkness-deprived hamsters drank 20 percent less sugar water than the other group, for example, suggesting they weren’t getting the same enjoyment out of activities they used to find pleasurable.”

They also gave up quicker when it came to the swimming portion of the trials, though we assume that the hamsters who gave up were rescued by the scientists before they could drown.

To summarise, if you’re falling asleep in front of the TV, it’s messing with your brain and you’ll be more tired and depressed.


So either wake up and watch, or turn it off and go to bed.

12 Things Every Girl Should Thank Her Big Sister For

Sisters are in a best friend league all their own. Sure, you have the friends you’ve known since elementary school, the people who feel like siblings…but there’s some extra special magic sparkle heart glue that happens between you and your sister(s), and we’re here to talk about all the things you may have missed about it…

1. For Being The Guinea Pig

Your older sister paved the way. It was her precious little life that turned into your parents’ “human raising” experiment. She got the brunt of it, and softened ’em up by the time they got to you. You’re damn welcome.

2. For Letting you Hang Out With Her Older, Cooler, Wiser, Funnier Friends


For as old and cool and wise and funny as pre-teens could be, it was highly uncool to have a little clingy sister tagging along everywhere. If you have a younger sibling now, you probably get it. Say thank you for the slivers of time you were allowed in her room. It means more than you realized.

3. For All The Clothes You Stole And She Let Slide

Like, she knows. She knew. She sees her shirt in your closet. She knew about that Backstreet Boys CD and glitter gel from some mysteriously nameless kids’ beauty products manufacturer. You didn’t get away with anything, it was just an expression of grace and kindness.

4. For Being There To Guide You Through All The Most Embarrassing Parts Of Puberty

Parents can’t tell you about masturbating, or actual things that happen during real sex, or any of that sh*t. Like, it’s sometimes a little awkward and nerve-wracking to have your older sister school you on it, but nothing compared to your mom’s “abstinence only” theories.

5. For Telling Your And Teaching You How Life (And Drinking, And Dating, And Love) Actually Is

Parents tell you not to drink, sisters tell you what shots to take before you’ll be too drunk to pass off ever having not gone out. I think we’ve said all that needs to be said here.

6. For Still Being Your Friend Even After Seeing What A Weird Kid You Were

She knows what you did. She saw you. She sees you. She forgives you for your weird little shortcomings, but never is your cat-whisker-clipping episode not embedded in her memory.

7. For Still Being Your Friend Even After Seeing What An Annoying Kid You Were

The sheer miracle here is that someone who once annoyed a person so much could now be their friend. #Healing #Goals #Truth.

8. For Always Being A Phone Call Away

On the serious side: for whatever happens, good or bad, you always have someone to reach. On the more real side: you also always have someone to Snapchat drunk. Amen.

9. For Becoming Your Best Friend And Confidant

Family is a choice. Not everybody chooses their family for the right reasons (sometimes people confuse what they’re born to for what they’re bound to). The sisters you’re both born to and then choose, year after year, day after day, are the people you really love.

10. For The Sheer Fact That You Know Someone Always Has Your Back

It’s like, a biological fact. Your older sister will protect you until you die.

11. For Not Holding Against You All The Secrets You Said You’d Keep From Your Parents, But Didn’t

Like, she said not to say anything and your little brat ass turned around and said “MOM GUESS WHAT.” You were PROFOUNDLY un-chill and yet if she somehow got over it and tolerates you now.

12. For The Millions Of Things You’ll Forget To Thank Her For In The Future


For all the parties and stupid texts and snuggling watching movies at your parents house, for planning weddings and babysitting and getting each other perfect things on the holidays. For all the gossiping about your extended family and all the broken hearts they’ll see you through and all the advice and all the love. There are a million little things you’ll forget to say thank you for. Remind her that it doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate them.

Her Skull Art Starts With 3 Tiny Dots, But Her Final Step Will Blow You Away

With the days getting shorter and the fall showing its orange colors, Halloween is coming soon to a house near you!

Costumes for people of every shape and size will be made, making sure that everything is just right. But don’t forget your nails!

To help you along with this small but very important detail, we have some nail art ideas that will be certain to grab the attention of your friends. How you’re dressed doesn’t matter because these ideas are flexible enough to be used in causal dress or a more sophisticated look. You can use them on one nail or all 10.

We prefer crazy designs over the trendy ones, and they are just as easy – or easier – to do. Skull teeth can be hard to do right, so we recommend getting a dotting tool and dotting small white dots on top of the black ones. Just don’t press down!

We love showing off cool nail designs, so we’ll definitely going to be trying this one out soon!

This Is How You Switch Off The New iPhone Feature That Is Sending Bills Soaring

Like many people, I’m totally addicted to Apple. I am always excited about the next product I can get my hands on, even if I have the previous model. If I could, I’d probably have my very own Apple shop in my house!

If you’ve dowloaded the latest major update of iOS recently, iOS 9, then you might want to check your phone bill because there’s a new feature that could send yours skyrocketing. The latest software update has had a bumpy launch and it is costing people with cheaper limited data plans tons of money. Here’s how to kick this problem for good…

With iOS9 the default setting ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ will automatically switch off your Wi-Fi and switch on 4G if the Wi-Fi you are using is too slow.

Example of an older phone bill with outrageous charges.

Obviously this is bad news if your data plan is limited. But don’t worry it’s simple to turn off just open up your settings…


Select ‘cellular’


Find ‘Wi-Fi assist’ hidden all the way at the bottom and swipe that bad boy right so that it is disabled.


And that’s it – we just saved you hundreds of dollars. Hope this helps!!

Somebody Created Harry Potter Drink Recipes And They’re Magical


Recently, there’s been news of a Harry Potter themed bar and restaurant called The Lockhart. Unfortunately, we can’t all visit Toronto and get a seat.

But that’s okay because these Harry Potter-themed shooters from Graphic Nerdity can help fill the void in your very own home.

Sorry young fans, this is strictly for the 21+ crowd.

Called “Harry Shotters,” the themed shots are punnily-named and filled with a bevy of booze. As Graphic Nerdity says, “These drinks are not for beginners. By that I mean only experienced Harry Potter fans will appreciate the puns that went into making them.”

Judging by the ingredients for the Avada Tequila, these shooters are indeed not for beginner drinkers — or experienced ones, even. Most of these concoctions probably taste as good as Polyjuice Potion. But hey, we all know how well that works!*

*Wears off quickly and is not a surefire disguise, so drink these shots with caution.


(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

Cool, but not so refreshing, just like a Dementor attack!

Triwhiskey Cup

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

If I were serving this up, another whiskey would be added.

Expecto Patrón

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

The puns are too good on this one.

Avada Tequila

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

Goodbye, memories of the night.

Gin Weasley/Rum Weasley

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

With all that ginger, gin seems the more appropriate match only because it better represents Ginny and her feistiness.

Sectum Sambuca

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

Tabasco sauce? This one will certainly leave wounds in your mouth.

There were some other ideas that Graphic Nerdy didn’t see through, for unknown reasons. Lord Vodkamort, Flourish & Blattoed and Cognac McLaggen were left off the list. Personally I’d love to see what Flourish & Blattoed is.

Because we’re all fans here, please share more ideas for Harry Shotters.

Practical, Scientific Reasons Why Morning Sex Is Important…You Can’t Ignore The Facts!

When it comes to having morning sex, the early bird catches the … I’m not even gonna finish that one. We’ll stick with this: Rise and bang, y’all. There’s much more than double-shot espressos or punishing treadmill poundings waiting on the other end of an early wake-up call.

Morning sex has so many perks that you’ll forget it was ever tempting to hit snooze. Here’s 10 reasons to consider…

1. It Relaxes You For The Day Ahead

morning-routine 01
It’s hard to let bad traffic annoy you when you pull onto the highway already mad chill.

2. It Turns Your Brain On

morning-routine 02
Orgasms are good for your brain. Not only does la petite mort increase oxygen and blood flow to this vital organ, it summons other various nutrients as well. Essentially, having sex can activate your entire brain. YEP.

3. It Sets A Positive Tone That Will Make Your Whole Day Better

morning-routine 03

Work can suck in general. It can also specifically suck emotional, spiritual, and physical energy from you. But morning sex is the best because no matter what happens the rest of the day, you already got laid, so life can’t be that bad.

4. You’re Too Groggy To Be Self-Conscious

morning-routine 04

When it’s early in the day and you are sans caffeine, you’re far less likely to fret over your inhibitions. Everything is in soft focus.

5. It’s Convenient If You’re Already In Bed With Someone

morning-routine 05

It just isn’t convenient to jump two train lines for the sole reason of knocking boots before work. But when you already have an attractive warm body sharing the bed, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

6. The Spontaneity Is Hot

morning-routine 06

Often, a lot of planning comes into play when you’re looking to get frisky. But morning sex often seems to just kind of happen — but in a sexy way, where you both are half-awake but instantly turned on by the body laying next to yours.

7. It’s A Fun Treat

morning-routine 07

At least in the beginning, a nice a.m. sheets sesh feels like you got away with something. And that something is some wicked morning delight.

8. It’s A Great Equalizer

morning-routine 08

You and your partner are different. Your days, schedules, and stress levels are rarely ever going to be identical, which means you’re likely to have mismatched energy levels by the end of the day. Getting your freak on in the morning offers a level playing field, assuming that both of you got a decent night’s sleep.

9. The Lighting Is Way Flattering

morning-routine 09
When the sun hangs low in the sky, the light becomes diffused and softens. The “golden hour” is an actual thing that exists. It happens twice a day, once during the last hour of light before sunset and again the first hour after sunrise. You can actually find the specific golden hour where you live, and plan accordingly.

10. … Why Not?

morning-routine 10
It’s funny how many people I spoke with didn’t identify as morning people, but will get up earlier than their alarm if it means a good orgasm or two. Even if you consider sleep a most holy gift (and you’re not wrong), you probably don’t have a great reason to not give morning sex a go. There’s no reason not to try it.

10 Actual Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House

10 ways keep spiders out of house

Finally we have answers for what might be one of the biggest unsolved questions EVER, how do we keep spiders out of your house?

Because let’s be completely honest. Nobody REALLY likes spiders. Even if they are completely harmless little things, nobody wants them hanging around inside their house…

Luckily (according to actual scientists!) there are 10 magical ways to keep them away…

1. Ladybirds. If you have a garden, position plants that will attract ladybirds as close as possible to the house. They will help keep spiders away from the perimeter of your home.

2. Mint them out! Spiders hate peppermint oil, so dilute some in water and spray it around the house. Make sure you keep it away from pets and people.

3. Get a pet *YAY*. Most pets, particularly cats, will chase anything that moves. But careful, if you have particularly venomous spiders in your home, they can harm animals too.

4. Keep your home as free from clutter as possible. Spiders love a heap in which to form a home out of sight. So dust regular and put all boxes and packages away quickly to prevent spiders from spinning a web. You should also immediately sweep away any cobwebs you find.

5. Perfume your home with cedar. It’s a natural smell but spiders hate it *evil laugh*.

6. Eat oranges and lemons. Spiders hate citrus smells, so having these in your house can be a deterrent.

7. Limit lighting. Spiders are drawn to light, and flies and moths are ideal spider prey, so turn any outside lights off if you can.

8. Stay clean and tidy around the exterior of your home. Spiders love things like piles of wood, old flower ports, and debris. If they form a home there, they are one tiny step away from moving in to your home itself!

9. Remove webs. Do this often! Remembering to check the corners of the ceiling and in corners of picture frames and mirrors.

10. You can make your own natural spider spray. To make the spray, mix a cup of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of oil, a handful of ground pepper and a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Use a spray bottle to apply, and always respray outside after rain. Apply it to places you know those creepy crawlies like to live, such as your bathroom, as well as spraying outside along windows and doors so spiders don’t want to come in!

Gin Made From Unicorn Tears Is The Most Magical Drink Ever

Unicorn Tears

Stop the press. Unicorns are real…and now we can drink their tears! Okay, maybe not, but this new concoction looks like it could be the real deal.

Tinted with shimmering (and completely edible) silver flakes, the Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur tastes of oranges, berries and maple syrup with a hint of spice.

The liqueur retails for $61.39 — a bit pricey, but that’s what happens when Firebox, the company that makes the gin, is forced to hunt down mythological creatures and trap their tears. Along with the tears, the drink also contains “100 percent edible silver pieces,” so think of it sort of like Goldschläger.

They didn’t hold back either, with makers want you to know that “many, many unicorns were harmed in the making of this beverage”.

But don’t freak out…it’s good for them to let it all out every once in a while, unicorns have feelings too!

Unicorn Tears

In addition to being 100% fabulous, it also contains 40% alcohol, so prepare to get a little tipsy…

And we lived drunkenly ever after*!

*Please live drunkenly ever after responsibly.

Exes Ask Each Other Honest Questions And It Gets Super Intense

Warning: graphic language – but that’s because ex stuff is volatile. Is raw, open conversation how to get your ex back?

andrew ali

We don’t usually end relationships with hearts and flowers. It’s a really emotional time, and both parties end up with unfinished business that haunts them for a long time.

Ali and Andrew were hot and heavy in college. They went out for seven whole years. Ali even thought they’d get married someday. But then Andrew cheated on her and the relationship ended.

Even though they hadn’t had contact for two years, they both participated in Glamour magazine’s “The And” project, and the conversation got pretty emotional.

And they find out that they’ve both missed each other a hell of a lot. So maybe it is worth taking that leap of faith after all…

Who says exes have to hate each other?

Do you have someone in your life that you’d like to have this type of conversation with?

31 Truths Of The Person Who is Always Tired

If you’re in college pulling all-nighters, you’re probably tired. If you don’t recover after a night or two of regular sleep, you’re someone who is, like, perpetually tired. Tired all the time. Maybe it has something to do with late night partying or studying. It could be the 3 in the morning Netflix binges. It could be because of insomnia. No matter what the cause, you’re tired all the time, and you can relate to every single one of these 31 true things:

1. I’m not lazy – I’M TIRED. If I don’t HAVE to get out of bed, I’m not going to.

Person Who is Always Tired 01

2. I will probably get hit with a brilliant idea…

3. …just as I’m falling asleep.

Person Who is Always Tired 02

4. It takes me a solid hour to actually wake up enough to know my own name.

5. Nap? Oh yeah.

6. Two hour nap? At least.

7. Five hour nap? Whoops. Yawn.


9. I can fall asleep on the toilet.

10. I really can sleep anywhere.

11. Yes the fan has to be on. All night. No matter what the weather.

12. Starbucks has replaced my blood AND my tears.

13. Depending on my motivation, I’ll either sleep through a morning class, or I’ll sleep through a morning class. Motivation = location.

Person Who is Always Tired 04

14. Even if I go to sleep at 8PM and wake up at 8AM, I’ll still be tired.

15. I can eat when I’m half asleep.

16. If it’s too hot in the room, I get sleepy.

17. If it’s too cold in the room, I get sleepy.

18. I have five different alarms set and I snooze through all of them, so that by the time I get up, alarms are going off every minute.

19. I will never, EVER, be on time. To anything.

20. Saturdays and Sundays are extended naptimes. Brunch? No.

21. I will spend $100 or more on sheets.

Person Who is Always Tired 03

22. I will spend money on a sound machine. Waves. Crickets. Whatever.

23. No, I did not hear the thunderstorm/sirens/zombie apocalypse last night.

24. That 8 billion watt bulb won’t keep me from sleeping.

25. I have been fined for drooling in library books.

26. There is no movie known that I won’t fall asleep during.

Person Who is Always Tired 05

27. I can’t believe that people go to things that start after 7PM.

28. I’m jealous of how my cat gets to sleep all the time.

29. I only have one eye open in more than half of my selfies.

30. The only thing that feels better than sleeping is yawning.

31. An especially active dream requires a nap as soon as possible.