Man Builds His Dream House Complete With A Fishing Hole In The Living Room – And It’s For Sale

A man in Oklahoma built a house on a pond that has a fishing hole in the living room.

Paul Phillips, a contractor in the Skiatook, Oklahoma area has recently put his (and my) dream home up for sale. Why? Because he wants to build a bigger one. Paul bought this land, dug a pond, stocked it with slam packed with crappie and catfish then built a house right on top of that pond. This house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and of course, a fishing hole in the floor of the living room. I think I might need to move to Oklahoma and have this.

You Should NEVER Google These 9 Things!

This is just a brief list of things you should NEVER Google. They are mostly things that are a bit disgusting, some of which we filtered out because they’re just too graphic. Either way, you should be warned that if you do choose to search for the things on the below list, they may not have pleasant results. I did my best to describe them. I also included less graphic images so not to gross you out!



Orlando Magic NBA player Evan Fournier’s nickname is “Never Google” and there’s a reason. His last name, which is an old French word for “Boulanger” (or “Breadmaker”), is also the name of a type of gangrene that affects the genitalia. You’ve been warned.


Never Google These

The street name for Desomorphine, a morphine derivative with powerful opioid effects, which has been used as a substitute for Heroin in Russia and Ukraine. The side effects of the often-illegally produced drugs include toxic substances which can “cook” the skin, or cause large scale tissue infection or damage in the injected area. It’s become known as a flesh-eating drug.

Your Favorite Food

Never Google These

You’ll only get hungry. See, they’re not all about flesh-eating this and that.

Mouth Larva

Never Google These

I was looking for ‘moth larva’ and instead ran into this beastie. We can confirm, it’s exactly what you’d expect and you shouldn’t go there.


Never Google These

Haven’t you heard that 100% true thing about the infinite loop and the world ending? Also, chances are your URL field is also a search bar – save yourself some time and search for what you’re looking for (if not, change your default search engine to one you want).

Calculus Bridge

Never Google These

It’s not a really hard maths problem. It’s hardened plaque across the teeth – a big old chunk of it. Generally it has to be chipped away by a dentist. It’s not that pretty.

Your E-Mail Address

Never Google These

It can be illuminating to see what you’re linked to online, and sometimes terrifying. Reddit users reported sold accounts, spam, password leaks, the lot – in fact, it’s probably safest to search to double check, even if you don’t like what you find. A recommended tool to find if you’ve been compromised in a data breach is “haveibeen”, which may let you know.

Harlequin Ichthyosis

Never Google These

It’s a severe genetic disease in which, at birth, a child’s skin is encased in thick white plates of skin, separated by deep cracks. This has many complications – because there are cracks in the skin the newborns are more susceptible to infection and constant care is required to protect and moisturise the skin. The disease used to be considered fatal. But with improved neonatal care and early introduction of oral retinoids, the number of survivors is increasing.

Your Symptoms

Never Google These

If you think you are seriously ill, you should go see a doctor.

Mystery As Weird 50ft-Long Sea Creature Washes Up On Beach

Some sort of “sea creature” has washed up on a beach and no-one knows what the heck it is…? What remains of the carcass was found in Indonesia’s central Maluku province and, to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what this could be either. Locals and authorities are just as confused as they try and figure out wtf it can be.

People started sharing pictures of the carcass (which was still bleeding) on Wednesday. The 50ft-long beast was initially believed to be a boat by locals before they realized it was some kind of creature.

Credit: YouTube/Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu

The whole scene prompted a military response as troops were called in to help clear it all away, reports the Sun.

There were a few local reports that claimed fishermen were saying that it was a giant squid. The thing is, giant squids are thought to only grow up to 43ft for females and 33ft for males.

However, a coordinator of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management said it was likely to be a whale. A whale?! That thing doesn’t look anything like a whale. I’m calling it as an alien.

Some samples have been taken of the creature and sent off to a laboratory to attempt to identify the species so hopefully it won’t be too long until this mystery is solved.

She Was Ignored By The Couple Who Take All The Washers & Dryers In The Building. How She Got Back At Them Is Genius.

This apartment building only has a few washers and dryers in the laundry room. A couple took up all of the washers, so when this woman came in, she formulated her revenge immediately. (Thanks Kerri for submitting this to Stuff Happens!)

So I live in an apartment building that has a shared laundry in the basement. There are 10 washers and 10 dryers. I had a single load of laundry to do before a flight tomorrow morning. So I headed downstairs with my basket.

Two machines are running when I get down there. There’s also a single couple taking up EIGHT washers to sort their laundry. I asked politely if they could divide one of them up into 1/7ths and put it in with their others so I can use a machine. They decline (apparently they have a system…) and tell me to wait however long it takes for the next person to claim their stuff to get the next machine.

At this point I realize it’s time to get petty. I wait until they leave and then go hit the pause button on all of their machines. I need to stall. Then I wait for the next washer to free up. I transfer this innocent bystanders ratty old towels immediately, pay for their dryer and leave a note to which dryer it’s in. Then I start my washer, and I hit “run” on my machine. I wait a few more minutes, and then resume all of their washers.

They come back down in the 40mins it takes to run and are mildly confused by why their machines are taking longer than usual. They suspect no foul play. By this point my washer is finishing up, so I grab a laundry cart and empty it out. I then proceed to take my laundry and divide it into 8 different dryers (like 2 shirts and a couple socks per dryer lop and set them all running, one by one, as they watch in bitter disbelief.

And then I settle down in a chair to watch my $12.50 of petty revenge spin.

For more awesomeness, read what this Mom did when she got a call from her daughters school.

16 Reasons ‘Married With Children’ Wouldn’t Survive On TV Today

When I was a kid, I would watch “Married with Children” until I reached a catatonic state. I was obsessed. But today – only 20 years later – it seems like characters like Al Bundy and company would be kicked off the air after making one of their many politically incorrect jokes.

Would Al Bundy survive today’s scandal-obsessed world? Are you insane? Here are a few reasons he’d be booted faster than you can say “No Ma’am.”

1. Fat-shaming.


2. General misogyny.


3. Joking about suicide.


4. Promoting the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype.


5. Cultural insensitivity.


6. More fat-shaming.


7. Smoking on TV. (What about the children?)


8. Joking about killing your family.


9. Spousal abuse.


10. Hating on feminists.


11. Teaching kids that violence is the answer.


12. Frequently bashing the French.


13. Treating women like objects.


14. Gross displays of male comfortability.


15. Nipples.


16. And finally…fat-shaming.


10 Weird Beauty Tricks and Hacks That Actually Work

Eye shadow in your hair? How about beer? And Pepto Bismol on your face?

These may sound like something you’d do after a few glasses of wine, but they’re actual beauty hacks! And do you know what’s better? They actually work!  Yes — using charcoal on your toothbrush or eyeliner on your eyelash curler are both amazing ways to change your beauty routine! These 12 tips may sound weird, but they work. How many will you try?

1. Root Fix


Using a q-tip or brush, dab some eye shadow to your exposed roots for a quick on-the-go fix when you haven’t had time to dye your hair yet.

2. Dryer Sheets


Don’t have a dryer? You should be buying dryer sheets anyway for your hair! To secure flyaways, just rub a sheet on your hair and style how you want!

3. Oh, Baby!


For long, full lashes, apply a layer of your favorite mascara, then coat your lashes in baby powder. Once every lash is coated, apply a second coat of mascara. When you’re finished, you’ll have gorgeous lashes!

4. Hot and Cold


Heating up your eyeliner will make it glide on like liquid. Freezing it will help keep bits from flaking as you apply it.

5. Think Pink!


Applying a mask of Pepto Bismol to your face gives you tighter skin and a nice glow!

6. Beer Me!


Other than the fact that your hair might smell a little bit like beer, this wonderful alcoholic beverage strips away all the buildup in your hair and leaves it super soft. Just massage a cup of beer into your damp, clean hair, leave it for five minutes, then rinse!

7. Olive You!


Want to remove matte lipstick and smudge-proof eyeliner? Just massage olive oil over your lips and lids!

8. Two in One


Draw some eyeliner on your eyelash curler and dress your eyes at the same time as you curl your lashes!

9. Alternative Solution


If you run out of shaving gel, grab your conditioner! It works in the same way to keep that harsh razor from scratching your skin!

10. Berry Good!


Grab some strawberries and rub them on your teeth before brushing. The acid breaks down stains and gives you a whiter smile!


Four Grandmas Try Fireball Whisky For the Very First Time

Most twenty-somethings have had their fair share of (terrible) experiences with Fireball whisky, the spicy, eye-watering elixir of the devil. However, when we think of fireball, we don’t normally think about it being sipped and slurped by people over the age of 30 — or 60, for that matter.


In the video below, a group of adorable grandmothers try Fireball for the first time. Though many of them enjoy a nip or two from time to time, they’ve never even heard about the belly-warming capabilities of the millennial’s favorite drink. If you’ve ever had Fireball before, you can imagine what happens when these women try it for the very first time.

The results may have you buying a bottle for your own grandmother.

5 Dads Stand On Stage, But When They Look Up? Everyone Goes Nuts!

“DADitude” is a California-based dance group consisting of 5 read Dads who love to have fun and dance. They auditioned on America’s Got Talent, and after watching their performance, you’ll agree that these Dads have some serious moves!

These 5 Dads have all been professional dancers at one point in their life, and although they admit that it’s much more difficult dancing now, they are determined to prove to the world that age is just a number.

Their enthusiasm and energy shines the moment Bruno Mars’ famous song “Uptown Funk” starts to play. Their bodies immediately start to move in ways that you would never think are possible for someone in their 50s, but it’s entertaining to watch.

The judges were thoroughly impressed with both their dancing and their theatrics. Needless to say, I am rooting for these Dads to make it to the finale!

Rude Crowd Disrespecting A Tomb Gets Told Off By Guard

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing the changing of the guards at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA, it is a sight to behold. It occurs at the tomb of the unknowns—a monument erected to pay homage to the servicemen who have died without identification of their remains. The changing of the guards is comparable to a stop-start ballet of sorts, guards alternate between smooth and sharp, silence and staccato pops. Every action is crisp and decisive until disrespectful onlookers laugh.

After an inspection is completed, the ceremony continues with walking and stillness. The men salute the tomb, they fall into step, while the outgoing sentinel leaves, another takes up his slow pacing along the black rubber mat in front of the tomb.

But for one guard, the usually quiet exchange turned into a disrespectful one when visitors of the cemetery disregarded the rules of silence. “It is requested that everyone maintains a level of silence and respect”, yells the soldier as he stops in stance and demands silence from a flippant crowd. There was silence thereafter.

For many people, a visit to the historic cemetery is just another stop at one of the city’s many monuments and memorials. But for others it is the most important cemetery in the country that is the final resting place for our nation’s heroes.

Will Ferrell Themed Bar Is Opening In New York


There isn’t really a day that goes by that we don’t all quote something from a Will Ferrell film. There’s always time to tell your scruffiest friend to ‘stay classy’ or to ask someone at Christmas ‘what’s your favorite color?’

Well thankfully, in New York there’s a place where all this is acceptable and encouraged. ‘Stay Classy New York’, a Will Ferrell themed bar, has just opened! The bar, which pays homage to the comedian through its Will-Ferrell-inspired art gallery and one-liner drinks menu, is the brainchild of Zach Neil, a long time fan of Will, and his business partner Brian Link.



Neil wanted to pay thank Will for giving him joy and laughter from all his films and the characters he played, so decided to pay him the biggest of tributes by opening up the New York bar.


He said that it’s a place to relax and have a drink whilst sharing a mutual love for one of the world’s best comedians. Who wouldn’t want to recite Step Brothers quotes whilst sipping on a ‘Did we just become best friends?’ cocktail?

“This bar is kind of like the place where a 35 or 40-year-old person could come and sit and not be intimidated by loud techno music but still be surrounded by things that are funny and ridiculous and kinda get it, that’s what Will Ferrell has always meant to us.”



Stay Classy New York is still in its preview phase, but on October 23rd is hosting an Anchorman themed Halloween party, which was, of course, the inspiration for the bar:

“Probably the deal sealer was the first Anchorman movie. That one was sort of like, he’s created something that’s absolutely ridiculous and I love it and I watched it five times a week for three years.”

What an awesome idea!

This Dad Was Clueless But He Figured Out A Genius Way To Bond With His Daughter

When Philippe Morgese became a single dad, he knew he’d need to be able to do his one-year-old daughter Emma’s hair. Not only did he master numerous hairstyles, but he has also begun teaching a class for other dads who want to bond with their daughters by doing their hair.

Morgese began with basic hairclips and pigtails, but he has since mastered more complex hairstyles like the French braid. After getting a free classroom space from the International Academy beauty school in Florida, Morgese has already held his first successful class. He’s calling it the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory!

When Philippe Morgese became a single dad, he had to learn how to do his daughter’s hair


Now, he uses everything he learned to teach other dads


“I love the time spent with her and she loves the cool hair, so it’s a win-win”


The class is free of charge; “I didn’t want any cost to anybody — I didn’t want to stop anyone from learning”


Morgese has become quite the stylist, with some advanced styles in his repertoire!



The dads learned basic brushing, ponytails, braids and buns


“I’m so proud of these dads for stepping up and building a better bond with their daughters”


Three Men Who Escaped Alcatraz 50 Years Ago And Were Presumed Dead Could Be Alive


More than fifty years ago, three Alcatraz inmates made a daring escape from the island prison and were presumed dead. But their families say they are still alive.

Brothers John and Clarence Anglin and fellow inmate Frank Morris made a makeshift raft in June 1962 and were never seen again. Prison officials presumed they had drowned but relatives of the Anglin brothers say they have the proof which shows they have survived.

The evidence includes Christmas cards sent from the brothers and a photograph of the pair from the 1970s.

The image is yet to have been revealed but will be shown in a new History Channel documentary airing soon.

The men are now said to be in their 80s even though the FBI closed the case in 1979 and they still maintain no one has ever successfully fled from the notorious prison.

Nephews of the Anglins, David and Ken Widner have kept quiet about their evidence until now but want to set the record straight about their uncles while their mother is still alive.

The claims were taken to retired US marshal Art Roderick who had worked on the case for 20 years. The Christmas cards arrived in 1962 and were verified as legitimate but it is still unknown as to when they were written.

The photograph suggesting the men were alive has led investigators to South America to look for the fugitives.


“This is absolutely the best actionable lead we’ve had. When you work these types of cases there’s a feeling you get when stuff starts to fall into place. I’m getting this feeling now.” – Art Roderick, speaking to the New York Post

In 1963, the FBI claimed bones washed up on the shore in San Francisco were those of the Anglin brothers, proving they were dead. But a DNA test on their brother’s bones proved they were not a match.

It is thought the bones were those of Frank Morris but that has not been verified.

One of America’s greatest criminal mysteries could be coming to an end very soon. And it’s absolutely fascinating.