10 Actual Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your House

10 ways keep spiders out of house

10 ways keep spiders out of house

Finally we have answers for what might be one of the biggest unsolved questions EVER, how do we keep spiders out of your house?

Because let’s be completely honest. Nobody REALLY likes spiders. Even if they are completely harmless little things, nobody wants them hanging around inside their house…

Luckily (according to actual scientists!) there are 10 magical ways to keep them away…

1. Ladybirds. If you have a garden, position plants that will attract ladybirds as close as possible to the house. They will help keep spiders away from the perimeter of your home.

2. Mint them out! Spiders hate peppermint oil, so dilute some in water and spray it around the house. Make sure you keep it away from pets and people.

3. Get a pet *YAY*. Most pets, particularly cats, will chase anything that moves. But careful, if you have particularly venomous spiders in your home, they can harm animals too.

4. Keep your home as free from clutter as possible. Spiders love a heap in which to form a home out of sight. So dust regular and put all boxes and packages away quickly to prevent spiders from spinning a web. You should also immediately sweep away any cobwebs you find.

5. Perfume your home with cedar. It’s a natural smell but spiders hate it *evil laugh*.

6. Eat oranges and lemons. Spiders hate citrus smells, so having these in your house can be a deterrent.

7. Limit lighting. Spiders are drawn to light, and flies and moths are ideal spider prey, so turn any outside lights off if you can.

8. Stay clean and tidy around the exterior of your home. Spiders love things like piles of wood, old flower ports, and debris. If they form a home there, they are one tiny step away from moving in to your home itself!

9. Remove webs. Do this often! Remembering to check the corners of the ceiling and in corners of picture frames and mirrors.

10. You can make your own natural spider spray. To make the spray, mix a cup of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of oil, a handful of ground pepper and a teaspoon of washing up liquid. Use a spray bottle to apply, and always respray outside after rain. Apply it to places you know those creepy crawlies like to live, such as your bathroom, as well as spraying outside along windows and doors so spiders don’t want to come in!