Exes Ask Each Other Honest Questions And It Gets Super Intense


Warning: graphic language – but that’s because ex stuff is volatile. Is raw, open conversation how to get your ex back?

andrew ali

We don’t usually end relationships with hearts and flowers. It’s a really emotional time, and both parties end up with unfinished business that haunts them for a long time.

Ali and Andrew were hot and heavy in college. They went out for seven whole years. Ali even thought they’d get married someday. But then Andrew cheated on her and the relationship ended.

Even though they hadn’t had contact for two years, they both participated in Glamour magazine’s “The And” project, and the conversation got pretty emotional.

And they find out that they’ve both missed each other a hell of a lot. So maybe it is worth taking that leap of faith after all…

Who says exes have to hate each other?

Do you have someone in your life that you’d like to have this type of conversation with?