31 Truths Of The Person Who is Always Tired


If you’re in college pulling all-nighters, you’re probably tired. If you don’t recover after a night or two of regular sleep, you’re someone who is, like, perpetually tired. Tired all the time. Maybe it has something to do with late night partying or studying. It could be the 3 in the morning Netflix binges. It could be because of insomnia. No matter what the cause, you’re tired all the time, and you can relate to every single one of these 31 true things:

1. I’m not lazy – I’M TIRED. If I don’t HAVE to get out of bed, I’m not going to.

Person Who is Always Tired 01

2. I will probably get hit with a brilliant idea…

3. …just as I’m falling asleep.

Person Who is Always Tired 02

4. It takes me a solid hour to actually wake up enough to know my own name.

5. Nap? Oh yeah.

6. Two hour nap? At least.

7. Five hour nap? Whoops. Yawn.


9. I can fall asleep on the toilet.

10. I really can sleep anywhere.

11. Yes the fan has to be on. All night. No matter what the weather.

12. Starbucks has replaced my blood AND my tears.

13. Depending on my motivation, I’ll either sleep through a morning class, or I’ll sleep through a morning class. Motivation = location.

Person Who is Always Tired 04

14. Even if I go to sleep at 8PM and wake up at 8AM, I’ll still be tired.

15. I can eat when I’m half asleep.

16. If it’s too hot in the room, I get sleepy.

17. If it’s too cold in the room, I get sleepy.

18. I have five different alarms set and I snooze through all of them, so that by the time I get up, alarms are going off every minute.

19. I will never, EVER, be on time. To anything.

20. Saturdays and Sundays are extended naptimes. Brunch? No.

21. I will spend $100 or more on sheets.

Person Who is Always Tired 03

22. I will spend money on a sound machine. Waves. Crickets. Whatever.

23. No, I did not hear the thunderstorm/sirens/zombie apocalypse last night.

24. That 8 billion watt bulb won’t keep me from sleeping.

25. I have been fined for drooling in library books.

26. There is no movie known that I won’t fall asleep during.

Person Who is Always Tired 05

27. I can’t believe that people go to things that start after 7PM.

28. I’m jealous of how my cat gets to sleep all the time.

29. I only have one eye open in more than half of my selfies.

30. The only thing that feels better than sleeping is yawning.

31. An especially active dream requires a nap as soon as possible.