This Bride Picked Her Grandmother To Be A Bridesmaid, And She Was The Life Of The Party!


When planning your wedding, the last bridesmaid you would pick is your grandmother. But that was Christine Quinn’s first pick! The bride was happy to have her 89-year-old grandmother join in, dressed in a beautiful dress like the other bridesmaid and to join in on the party. You would probably least expect the grandmother to be the life of the party! Well, that’s what Nana Betty turned out to become! She stated she felt young that day, and cracked jokes the whole time! Christine has a close friendship with her grandmother. At the wedding, she stated her grandmother was joking and sharing words of wisdom with the other wedding guests.

Nana had so much energy, she went on the party bus with the wedding-goers! She danced the whole entire night. Christine recalls a time when Nana danced with her husband’s grandmother, Belsie. She described it as an adorable moment!

This is obviously a very amazing story. We can learn a lot from our grandmothers! Christine had the right idea to have her grandmother be a bridesmaid!

Nana was such an influence to the whole party, especially when she said this: “You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today”!

We don’t how to change growing old, but you don’t have to grow up!

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Group Shot


Nana isn’t shy to hang with the young people

Nana laughing


Her smile makes you smile

It’s sweeter seeing Christine with Nana than her husband


This became a celebration about Nana!!

Bride with her Bridesmaids


Because grandma is the true one who knows how to party.