Somebody Created Harry Potter Drink Recipes And They’re Magical



Recently, there’s been news of a Harry Potter themed bar and restaurant called The Lockhart. Unfortunately, we can’t all visit Toronto and get a seat.

But that’s okay because these Harry Potter-themed shooters from Graphic Nerdity can help fill the void in your very own home.

Sorry young fans, this is strictly for the 21+ crowd.

Called “Harry Shotters,” the themed shots are punnily-named and filled with a bevy of booze. As Graphic Nerdity says, “These drinks are not for beginners. By that I mean only experienced Harry Potter fans will appreciate the puns that went into making them.”

Judging by the ingredients for the Avada Tequila, these shooters are indeed not for beginner drinkers — or experienced ones, even. Most of these concoctions probably taste as good as Polyjuice Potion. But hey, we all know how well that works!*

*Wears off quickly and is not a surefire disguise, so drink these shots with caution.


(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

Cool, but not so refreshing, just like a Dementor attack!

Triwhiskey Cup

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

If I were serving this up, another whiskey would be added.

Expecto Patrón

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

The puns are too good on this one.

Avada Tequila

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

Goodbye, memories of the night.

Gin Weasley/Rum Weasley

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

With all that ginger, gin seems the more appropriate match only because it better represents Ginny and her feistiness.

Sectum Sambuca

(Source: Tumblr/Graphic Nerdity)

Tabasco sauce? This one will certainly leave wounds in your mouth.

There were some other ideas that Graphic Nerdy didn’t see through, for unknown reasons. Lord Vodkamort, Flourish & Blattoed and Cognac McLaggen were left off the list. Personally I’d love to see what Flourish & Blattoed is.

Because we’re all fans here, please share more ideas for Harry Shotters.