Husband Surprises Wife By Telling Her She’s Pregnant



We love heartwarming pregnancy announcements, but this one is a heartwarming pregnancy announcement with a twist.

While it’s normally (and understandably) the woman in the relationship who breaks the big news to her often surprised and baffled man, Youtubers Sam And Nia, have totally rewritten the rulebook on these things: Sam breaks the news to Nia.

After he realised that she’d missed her period, Sam managed to get a sample of her pee from out of the toilet bowl (sometimes it pays to forget to flush, it would seem!) He then ran a pregnancy test and learned of the happy news himself.

Sam subtly hints at the news, telling Nia that she “can’t have wine”, before his wife works out what he’s saying and he reveals the pregnancy test.

It turns out that Nia was hoping to break the news to Sam when she took a test herself, but he managed to completely turn it on its head.