Her Skull Art Starts With 3 Tiny Dots, But Her Final Step Will Blow You Away


With the days getting shorter and the fall showing its orange colors, Halloween is coming soon to a house near you!

Costumes for people of every shape and size will be made, making sure that everything is just right. But don’t forget your nails!

To help you along with this small but very important detail, we have some nail art ideas that will be certain to grab the attention of your friends. How you’re dressed doesn’t matter because these ideas are flexible enough to be used in causal dress or a more sophisticated look. You can use them on one nail or all 10.

We prefer crazy designs over the trendy ones, and they are just as easy – or easier – to do. Skull teeth can be hard to do right, so we recommend getting a dotting tool and dotting small white dots on top of the black ones. Just don’t press down!

We love showing off cool nail designs, so we’ll definitely going to be trying this one out soon!