He Was Getting Ready To Eat A Banana When It Started To Move. What Happens Next Is My Worst Nightmare.


The man who filmed this video is much, much stronger than I could ever pretend to be.

It all starts simply enough: This guy was getting ready to eat a banana and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

But then the cameraman saw some movement that seemed strange. Intrigued by the movement, he picked up his phone and hit “record.”

Right at the :17 mark of this horrifying video, you’ll suddenly notice that something is rather abnormal about this lovely looking banana!

While what happens is indeed terrifying, you just have to love the writing at the beginning and ending of this video. When the little surprise video suddenly bursts out, and lays on its back, we all got chills, but what the cameraman wrote at the 1:15 mark had everyone laughing like crazy!

Whether or not this video is “fake,” the spider is very real indeed.

Even if this is “fake” this video just goes to show you that you should always double-check everything you eat. Make sure to clean the fruits and vegetables you get from your grocery store, and always make sure you take good care of your produce!

Have you ever had something as horrible as this poke out of something you were planning on eating before?