Busted: Pilot Forgets To Turn Off Chemtrails And It’s Caught On Camera

Pilot Forgets to Turn of Chemtrails

Pilot Forgets to Turn of Chemtrails

Chemtrails, the subject of a theory where the trails an aircraft leaves in the sky are the result of biological or chemical agents, may be real. We have video proof!

This plane is still spraying WHATEVER it’s spraying when it lands. This video may be the first evidence of this widespread conspiracy theory. And maybe it’s not a conspiracy theory. The video may, in fact, prove that it’s true.


Sure, it’s foggy on this runway, but the presence of a substance being sprayed out of the plane is undeniable. Is the government behind this? Are things being sprayed into our atmosphere without our knowledge? The weather can’t explain what we see in the video above. This is not coming from the engines, it’s not coming from water coming off the wings. There are actual sprays of something coming out of sections in the backs of the wings.


We used to think it was pretty. But now it’s kinda freaky.