30 Broke College Students Who Prove They Are Brilliant


College students are usually pretty broke. They may have loans and grant money, and maybe even parents who pay their extras, but the money seems to disappear. Poof. No more money. These broke college students have used those smarts to come up with some interesting, sometimes hilarious, sometimes brilliant, solutions to everyday problems. Here are 30.

1. This Homemade Air Freshener

air freshener

We know plenty of college students who have less-than-fantastic housekeeping skills. This is a great solution. Smells like fresh linen!

2. This Clever Sneaking In Booze Trick

booze sneak

This guy has gone to great lengths to sneak booze into some event. I just hope you’re allowed to take food there, otherwise this was all for naught.

3. The Simple Chip Clip

chip clip

This is great until you start to open the bag and the pen shoots across the room like a missile.

4. A Substitute Coffee Pot

coffee pot hack

No whining indeed.

5. This Simple Way to Earn Extra Cash

condoms for sale

Vanilla flavored!?!?!?!

6. This Interesting Way to Cook Ramen

cook ramen

7. Another Way to Heat Up Dip


Great, as long as you never, ever, want to make coffee in it again.

8. A Great Way to Avoid Dish Duty

dish protector

This is actually really smart. We HATE doing dishes.

9. An Up-cycled Dust Pan

dust pan

Added bonus, the grease traps all the hairs and dust particles.

10. This Clever Use for a Hairdryer


We can see this working with some foods, but RICE? Really? It’ll go everywhere!

11. This Sleep-Anywhere Hack


“Oh don’t worry about me. I don’t need a table or chair. I brought my trusty travel hammock.”

12. A Great Way To Extend The Hand Soap

hand soap

No problems with this, other than the pink soap that smells kinda like puke.

13. This Cooking Hack


At least they had the presence of mind to put foil down to catch the drippings. And to use a metal, not plastic, hanger.

14. This Fantastic Utilization of the Dining Hall

milk girl

Our only question is how she fits a whole gallon of milk in a tiny dorm fridge.

15. This “Chair”

no time for chair

Makes you wonder – did he choose the box based on it’s size, or the chair parts inside it?

16. This Inventive Paper Towel Holder

paper towel holder

No objections to this.

17. Another Great Use for the Coffee Pot

pasta coffee

Because you don’t need the WHOLE piece of pasta cooked.

18. This DIY Pencil Holder

pencil holder

Just don’t try to pick it up and move it.

19. A Fantastic Way to Listen to Study Tunes

Phone Speakers

Earbuds + Coffee Mug = Study Dance Party.

20. An Interesting Way to Iron Your Clothes

pot iron

Who needs an iron?

21. One Way to Make Sure You Don’t Run Out of Toilet Paper

purloined tp

If they leave it out in the lecture hall bathroom, you’d better hope you have a backpack big enough to hold it.

22. The Broke College Student’s Mainstay


Interesting advertising placement. Maruchan Ramen and Natty Light. Breakfast of champions.

23. This Great Plan to Save on Toiletries

razor heads

If the “rest of the year” means “late fall into winter,” I’m right there with you.

24. A Creative Way to Hang Your Shower Curtain

shower curtain

Shower rungs are SO expensive.

25. This Comfortable Porch Furniture

stadium porch

Because you need comfortable seating when catcalling freshmen girls…

26. This Fantastic Pasta Strainer


Because nobody actually PLAYS tennis, right?

27. This DIY Trash Can

trash can

Works for me.

28. This Kitchen Art Installment

trash stack

It has to be an attempt at art. How would one go about actually dumping this into a bag?

29. An Engineer’s Mind at Work



30. And This Broke College Student’s Plea

window protectin

We like honest and to-the-point. Maybe we should all think about listing the contents of our cars for potential robbers. Mine would say “contains three empty CD cases, 29 half-empty water bottles and 3 yoga mats.”

Just because you’re a broke college student doesn’t mean you don’t have the smarts to live a life of ease. What are some of your cleverest ways to get by with little cash?