20 Things You Didn’t Know About Fight Club



Fight Club is hands-down one of the best films ever made. Released on September 10, 1999, Fight Club thrilled the imaginations of moviegoers everywhere.

The film is full of hidden gems that even some of the most hardcore fans would be interested to know. Here are our favorite 20 things you might not know about this iconic film…

1. This warning flashed at the very beginning of the movie


2. Brad Pitt looks right at Jared Leto when he says the word “rock star” during this scene. Jared Leto is in a pretty famous band called Thirty Seconds to Mars.


3. The breath in the cave scene is the same puff of movie magic used in Titanic.



4. Brad Pitt didn’t want his parents to see the film, but they really wanted to. They stopped watching after the acid scene.



5. In the pivotal scene where Tyler tells the narrator to hit him, Edward Norton was supposed to fake punch him. The director, David Fincher, secretly told Norton to punch him for real.


6. The water leaking down the walls in the Paper Street house is an homage to Blade Runner. It rains inside in both.



7. Helena Bonham Carter is only 5’2″, so she wore enormous shoes so the height discrepancy between Ed Norton (6′) and Brad Pitt (5’11”) wouldn’t be so great. She also had the makeup artist use her non-dominant hand (the left) to apply Marla’s makeup, because Carter thought that Marla wouldn’t care too much about making the makeup perfect.


8. In the scene where one of the “Durdenites” sprays a priest with a hose, the camera shakes because the cameraman is laughing so hard.


9. In one of the narrator’s hotel stays near the beginning of the movie, there’s a commercial for the hotel staff, featuring Brad Pitt.

bridgeforth suites

10. The official Fight Club font is called “fight this.”


11. Crew names can be seen behind the narrator’s haiku poems.


12. In the scene where the narrator is catalog shopping on the toilet, Edward Norton is actually naked from the waist down.


13. In addition to the “pillow talk” between Tyler and Marla that was edited, the studio wanted to cut the scene with the rubber glove. However, testing audiences liked it so much the director was able to keep it in.

rubber glove

14. When the narrator and Tyler ride the bus together, only one fare is collected. This is one of several hints throughout the movie regarding the twist at the end.


15. Another hint is when the narrator is in the phone booth and calls Tyler. He gets the answering machine, hangs up, and Tyler calls back. However, the phone clearly says “no incoming calls allowed.”

pay phone

16. Yet another clue occurs when Tyler and the narrator are hitting cars with baseball bats. Alarms don’t sound until Edward Norton’s character strikes a car. A bonus fact about this scene – both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton hated Volkswagen Beetles, so insisted on hitting one. Norton reportedly hated the throwback nostalgia items so prevalent in the 90’s.


17. Brad Pitt had a tooth chipped on purpose to play Tyler Durden.


18. Marla Singer’s phone number was the same as Terry’s in Memento.

grid-cell-20021-1389642524-21 grid-cell-20021-1389642525-23

19. To make Meatloaf’s “man tits” as realistic as possible, his fat suit was filled with bird seed and weighed over 100 pounds


20. There was an actual Marla Singer living in the United States when Fight Club was made, but only one. This caused a legal headache for the filmmakers, since that one Marla Singer could sue. Luckily, they worked it out.