When You See THIS Nail Polish Trick, You’ll Never Paint Your Nails The Same!

nail polish base coat

Bright colors marbled in mesmerizing swirls, sparkling glitter that immediately catches your eye or flower-shaped rhinestones – the options for nail polish are endless, and I can hardly keep up!

While I may have outgrown my neon pink days, you’re never too old for a little sparkle! If you have ever used one of these trendy nail polishes, you know how much of a nightmare it can be to remove.

With a little acetone and a whole lot of elbow grease, you barely get the first layer off. That is, until you make this DIY base coat that will peel off with ease!

All you need to create your own hassle-free base coat is Elmer’s glue and water. The beauty blogger in the video below shows us how simple it is to make, and proves this method really works! This is perfect for anyone who likes to switch up their nail colors often. Now it’s time to try out all those fun designs!