He Walked Into An Abandoned Church. Then? A Miraculous Thing Happened!


This is truly one of the most miraculous stories we have ever shared. At age 57, a man living in Minnesota named Greg Thomas, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He was told by the doctors that he had only a few months left in his life. His family was also told to start planning his funeral.

To deal with all the stress, Greg liked to walk around the countryside with his dog everyday. One day, he decided to take a different path and ended up arriving at an old, abandoned church. He sat down on the front steps and prayed for a miracle.

When he got up and started to look around, he felt the church needed repairing. Knewing how he didn’t have much time left, he wanted to do something meaningful before cancer takes him away. As he restored this church little by little, something miraculous began to happen to his body.

Watch the video below for the entire story!