She Pastes A Picture Face Down On Wood. How It Turned Out Will Amaze You!

WOW, old things do become new. This craft is a throw-back to the late 50' and 60's.

Wood picture craft

By simply taking a block of wood, Mod Podge, gel medium, and a photo that has been printed on a laser printer, this young woman shows how to make a beautiful wooden picture. All these materials can be found at a craft store and the process is so easy yet turns looking very expensive. What a fun idea for decorating and would also make a great gift!

Tip #1:
Make sure to use a laser print copy (like a copy machine) on regular copy paper. It works best on smooth, sanded wood.

Tip #2:
Remember the picture will come out in reverse so make sure you “flip” your image before printing if that’s important. Going to try this on canvas and see how it turns out.