Bethe Correia Rips Into Ronda Rousey And Calls For A Rematch



Bethe Correia is considerably better at talking sh*t to Ronda Rousey than she is at fighting her. When the two previously met in the octagon, Correia lasted just over 30 seconds before it was all said and done.

Still, Correia thinks a rematch is on the cards because, well we don’t really know why?

She posted this to her Instagram to try and make some sense of it all though:


“I was extremely criticized and judged by lack of respect due to a bad interpretation of the current champ. All that time, I saw the real face of the current champ trying to pose as a saint while she always said publicly that she wanted to make me “have a meeting with Jesus,” which was her true intention. The media never gave that much coverage. I’d never would fight anyone with the intention to kill, break their neck, which is something there’s no return from. I wouldn’t joke about it, because wanting to kill someone is not caring about the pain their family would feel! So, I tell @rondarousey I’m here, and I’ll fight for a rematch in 2016, stronger, more mature, we’ll see each other again! I wanted to fight you, and I got it. I’ll get that chance again, and I’ll have my revenge at the right time!”

–The post read.

How she thinks she’ll get so much better in the space of a year that she’ll be able to beat Rowdy Rousey is beyond us but we applaud her bravery / stupidity.

Bethe Correia