Woman Gets Pregnant By Eating McDonald’s…OMG

Woman Gets Pregnant By Eating McDonald’s

Eating McDonald’s gave me TRIPLETS! Vegetarian who was told she would never have children gives birth to three babies after turning to a daily diet of meat.

1. This Vegetarian Gave It Up For McDonalds


Laura Dixon, 34, was a lifelong vegetarian until she decided to change all that to have a family. Because of this she has had a real issue with fast food restaurants, particularly McDonald’s.

2. This is Laura and Tim Dixon


Laura had had a very hard time getting pregnant. She had been trying for 10 years and attempted IVF but nothing worked. Her doctors advised that she increase iron, vitamins and protein to help her chances of getting pregnant. She finally became pregnant. She suffered a miscarriage when she first got pregnant, so this time she was going to be extra careful.

3. She Gave Up Vegetarianism During Her Pregnancy


Out of the blue, she began having extreme cravings for protein. ‘But then my hunger kicked in and despite never eating meat, I craved it. I ate about six meals a day,’ she said.
‘It all seems like a blur now. I just remember the cravings were so strong that I would wake up in the night and make my husband go and get me a McDonald’s.

4. McDonald’s Is What She Needed


Her favorite snacks were the fries and chicken sandwiches. She just couldn’t get enough of the fast food and was eating from McDonald’s up to 7 times every day after her first trimester. She fell in love with the Egg McMuffin and the breakfast menu as well.

5. She Suffered From Endrometriosis


Ms Dixon was diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries which doctors told her would stop her getting pregnant. Endometriosis is a condition which causes cells from the lining of the womb to develop outside of the uterine cavity. It causes pain and, often, infertility. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work. It causes cysts to develop in the ovaries, stops the regular release of eggs, and causes the body to produce high levels of ‘male hormones’ called androgens. She underwent two laparoscopies in a bid to correct the problems but both were unsuccessful.

6. After Her IVF Success Doctors Noticed Something Different


Upon visiting her doctor for an ultrasound, they heard the baby’s heartbeat. Then, they heard two more. After testing, she was told she was giving birth to triplets! Two identical boys and a girl. Medics believe Mrs Dixon’s protein boost will have contributed to her successful pregnancy.

7. McDonald’s Get The Dixon’s Seal Of Approval


Laura thanks McDonald’s chicken for the protein. She gave birth to triplets in her 35th week of pregnancy through C-section.

8. All Three Children Are Healthy And At Home


The triplets, now 14 months, were allowed home from hospital just two weeks after their birth. They seem to be healthy and doing very well.


9. Nutrionist’s Confirm That The Protein Boost Helped


Nutritionist Jo Travers, who runs The London Nutritionist, said: ‘There is a lot of evidence that women experience taste changes throughout the pregnancy, which in turn can alter their preferences as they progress through the trimesters. With her lack of protein for so long, it is evident that the consumption of such large amounts have been an aid in her carrying three babies full term’.

10. Ronald Gets The Seal Of Approval (For Once)


Since becoming a mother, Mrs Dixon has continues to go to McDonald’s – but has reverted to her vegetarian diet and only has a veggie-wrap and fries. She says she will let the kids eat there when they are old enough, but only the nutritional foods like fruits, salads, and wraps.

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