Who Needs Photoshop ~ 22 Unbelievable Pictures That Are Completely REAL!


You’ll think you’re bring tricked, but these photos aren’t manipulated or faked… they are 100% real.

1. This isn’t a teenager miraculously walking on water: actually, this is just a perfectly timed photo.


2. This isn’t a modern miracle of a man biking on water, either: actually, it’s just another person practicing the art of perfectly timed photos.


3. This isn’t a picture of a fox that got stretched out: actually, it’s a Maned Wolf and it seriously looks like that.


4. This isn’t a bad cut-and-paste job: actually, it’s a German magician who pulls public stunts like this.


5. This isn’t someone’s first attempt at using the Warp tool in Photoshop: actually, it’s a set of railroad tracks that were twisted after an earthquake in New Zealand.


6. This isn’t a super realistic, beautiful android: actually, it’s a real woman named the Human Barbie who had surgery to look this way.


7. This isn’t a joke photo of an airplane taking the highway: actually, it’s a photo of a plane landing at Liepzig airport as it crosses over the Autobahn.


8. This isn’t a man finding an interesting way to die: actually, it’s a stunt on a boat that’s meant to be on its side like that.


9. This isn’t someone’s lame attempt at faking a haunting: actually, when this lava emptied into the ocean it just happened to pop and steam in a spooky formation.


10. This isn’t a family photo of giants: actually, they were sitting on top of a mountain that blended in perfectly with the rock below.


11. This isn’t what an artist painted while on acid: actually, it’s an abstract tarp that was put on a building while it was under construction.


12. This isn’t a picture of Cthulu awakening: actually, it’s just a massive wave at high tide with lots and lots of seaweed in it.


13. This isn’t a really bad Photoshop of a giant piece of pizza sitting on the Earth: actually, someone sent pizza into space. Seriously.


14. This isn’t an image of two cats squished together: actually, it’s Venus, a cat with rare chimera coloring. She is awesome.


15. No, the sky isn’t falling: actually, this is an art installation by Neil Dawson in New Zealand.


16. This isn’t a picture of a black hole: actually, it’s construction art that was created on a house that was scheduled to be knocked down.


17. This isn’t a giant Minecraft map: actually, it’s a section of cross waves, where waves of different directions meet each other.


18. This gymnast didn’t lose her head in a freak accident: actually, in mid-jump a picture was taken and her head was bent backwards.


19. This isn’t some weird photo editing of a billboard: actually, it exists just as you see it. Clever marketing win.


20. This isn’t what an artist thinks heaven looks like: actually, it’s a giant salt flat in Bolivia. The surface reflects and looks like a giant mirror.


21. This isn’t someone having fun with painting on existing photos: actually, it’s optical illusion art by Felice Varini.


22. This isn’t a Photoshopped version of a Mobius strip: actually, it’s a picture of normal Legos taken with a telecentric lens.


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