Families Release Shocking Video Of Last Moments Before Two Friends Were Killed In A Car Crash



Earlier this year two young men were immediately killed in a high speed car crash.

Kyle Careford, 20, was driving with Michael Owen, 21, when they collided with a church wall in Jarvis Brook, East Sussex.

The moments leading up to their deaths were filmed on a mobile phone and the families of both men have now taken the incredibly difficult decision of releasing the footage to the public.

The video shows Kyle and Michael speeding along country roads and overtaking another car, and just before the crash the camera points to the speedometer. One of them can be heard saying they were going at 90mph. It was a 30mph zone.

Shortly after, the screen goes black and you hear the horrifying collision. When the camera refocuses you can hear a woman outside saying that an ambulance is on its way. But it was already too late.