Sexual Assault Victim Grabs Attackers Gun, Shoots Him Twice In The Face


When the jury hears the facts, it only takes them a mere 4 hours to convict this scumbag.

Duane Portman Sr., 44, kidnapped his victim taking her to his place of employment and assault her at gun point. Luckily during the act she managed to wrestle the gun out of the attackers hand and get off two shots, both hitting the attacker right in the face.

Both the victim and attacker proceeded to drive off to different hospitals, naturally with gunshot wounds authorities were called to the scene. The attacker offered no explanation as to what happened leading up to his suffered injury.

Customers interviewed at the site of the crime agreed she did the right thing.

“I’m glad she’s safe and I guess he deserved what was coming to him,” Labelz 4 Less shopper Angela Bozarth told WKEF.

Personally I think she was aiming for the wrong head.