This Teacher Is Bullying A 6 Year Old At School. But It Was All Caught on Tape.


A 6-year-old boy was roughed up at school, not by other kids, but by his teacher. First his parents got a letter saying there had been an incident at school. Then they watched the video of what happened and they were completely floored.

The teacher, who had been teaching at that time for 10 years, can be seen in the video grabbing the 6-year-old’s face as he is walking down the hallway to use the bathroom. She then proceeds to grab him by the shirt, lift him up in the air, and push him up against the wall.

What really has set off criticism, though, was the school’s reaction. Williams was suspended for ten days without pay, but retained her job.

According to The Courier, the teacher, who later resigned after the incident occurred, pleaded no contest to a charge of attempted child endangerment, which is a second-degree misdemeanor. She was sentenced to attend anger management classes for shoving the student and fined $250.