Drunk Student Emails His Professor And Wakes Up To A Surprising Reply In His Inbox.


How quickly do you think you’d forget sending your University professor a drunk mail? Well a student named Patrick Davidson sent his professor this late-night message after a night of too much partying. But when he woke up the next morning, he got a reply from his professor he’ll never forget.


Teachers put up with a lot of nonsense, but it seems this professor has got a great sense of humor. Here’s his epic reply…


Mr. Martin knows all too well that any punishment he could hand out would pale in comparison to the hell of a Sunday morning university-level hangover. He didn’t become a professor for being dumb, and Mr. Martin knows that any student who finds the energy to email about deadline extensions during a weekend bender will probably do just fine. It’s amazing what happens when a student takes responsibility for their life, just like it’s amazing how much a 4th year university student can drink before it’s time for last call.