Strawberry Mango Cocktail

Mango Strawberry Cocktail
Mango Strawberry Cocktail

Mango Strawberry Beverage
Mango Strawberry Beverage
1 bottle sparkling wine (chilled)
4 ounces orange liquor
4 ounces lime-flavored vodka
9 ounces fresh mango & strawberry puree (6 large strawberries with 1 ounces simple syrup + 6 ounces strained mango …puree)
6 ounces fresh orange juice
6 ounces fresh lemon juice
3 ounces simple syrup (mint infused) or to taste
2 cinnamon sticks
Mango diamond chunks, strawberries, orange and lemon slices, mint sprig
Large Boudreaux glass with iceDirections:
Place ingredients (excluding sparkling wine) into a large glass container, cover and refrigerate overnight.
When ready to serve pour into an ice filled pitcher to 2/3 full.
Add fresh sliced fruits and top with sparkling wine, stir gently to mix.