Paramedic Rants About Minimum Wage Increase, It Isn’t What You’d Think.


A paramedic posted a long and passionate rant on Facebook about the news that New York announced a minimum wage increase. Since he makes $15/hour, you’d expect him to be angry. What he posted, however, is not what you’d expect.

Paramedic FB Post

While it’s hard to imagine that the same person who splints your injured leg could make the same amount of income at the golden arches, it’s happening. What will more than likely follow is further redistribution of the massive wealth CEOs and other executives take home for doing none of the grunt work. At least, that’s what the hope is…

Jens’ Facebook post serves as a motivation to every other person who believes in the distorted view that fast food workers are somehow lesser; inferior to other professions, which is both cruel and very wrong. The argument shouldn’t be over who gets what, it should regard if people can even survive on their full-time job wage. People only want to work less and experience life, so could the NYC wage hike be the beginning of a massive change?