16 Things Only Daddy’s Girls Understand.


A girl’s dad is the first man she knows, and the one man she’ll compare all other men to. Daddys are our protectors, our teachers, and our first best friend. They save us from scary monsters, teach us to expect respect, and threaten any boy who refuses to give it.

Yep, Daddy is the most special guy. Here are 16 things us daddy’s girls know to be true:

1. Car Trouble? No Trouble.

car trouble
When it comes to the car, Dad’s got you covered. He carries jumper cables and anything else you might need, and he’s just a phone call away.

2. Dad’s Shirts. And Hats. And Boots

hats and boots

Nothing was better, when you were a tiny daddy’s girl, than wearing dad’s hat. Or his boots. Or his favorite shirt. Wearing something of dad’s was like wearing a super hero’s cape. It was a big honor, and nothing made you feel more powerful.

3. You Have the Same Sense of Humor

(ok, so that kid is a boy, but you get the picture)
From the beginning, nobody could make you laugh like your daddy. And nobody will ever be able to. Your dad is the funniest guy ever, so of course you think the same things are funny.

4. You Also Have The Same Taste In Food

Whether it’s trying curry for the first time, or digging into a can of Vienna Sausages, you’ll think it’s worth a try because HE likes it. And, you never know, you might like it too.

5. He Tells You That You’re Beautiful. And You Know He Means It.

Because to him, you are the most beautiful. Next to your mom, of course.

6. You Can Stay On The Phone For Hours

You call him to tell him something really quick, and he tells you a funny joke. Then, you try to tell him again, and he asks how you are. Hours go by and you’re still talking. That’s what dad can do.

7. He Teaches You Life Lessons

A good work ethic? Dad teaches you that. How to change a tire? Yep, that’s him too. What to get mom for Christmas? Yep, he knows. Listen to Dad.

8. You Would Never Date Someone He Didn’t Like

You might think about it, but when it really comes down to it, if Daddy doesn’t like him, neither do you. At least not for long.

9. He Rocks The Tie/T Shirt/Horrible Socks You Gave Him For Christmas

The beer tie seemed like a good idea when you were 13. Ten years later? He still wears it as a joke. But, it’s special to him. Because you gave it to him.

10. You Can Literally Do No Wrong

do no wrong
He will find everyone else to blame for something before he’ll blame you. He’s your greatest champion, after all.

11. He Has a Nickname Just For You

It might make no sense to anyone else, but that’s what private jokes are for.

12. He’ll Cover For You With Mom

He knows better than anyone what her pet peeves are. He’ll help you navigate them until you figure it out.

13. You Already Know The Song You’ll Dance To On Your Wedding Day

You’ve known since you were three. Really.

14. You’ll Never Meet A Guy As Great As Him

No matter what, no guy you’ll meet will quite meet up to the standards your dad sets. If you can find a guy half as good you’re doing well.

15. He Can’t Tell You No. Ever.

Just flash him the puppy dog eyes and he’s wrapped around your finger. And he won’t deny it, either.

16. You Have The Best Dad In The World.

best dad
Everybody’s else’s dad? They WISH they were as cool as your dad.