This Nurse Was Shocked To See What Her Parents Had Done To Her. This Is Heartbreaking.


This one had me in tears.

What this young girl went through from her family was terrible, the worst thing that could possibly happen. In her final hours, she had nobody, but fortunately, she did not leave this world alone. When this story ends, you will have a renewed faith in the people in the medical profession.

Last night, my husband, a pharmacist, comes home and tells me this:

Today a nurse spoke at one of our meetings. She told the story of a four-year-old girl whom had been beaten until she was brain dead by her parents. It was her birthday.

She got in trouble for eating part of her birthday cake before her party. She had belt buckle imprints all over. Both of her parents were jailed, so she was alone in the hospital.

Her grandmother comes in. The nurse starts to update the grandmother on the little girl’s condition.

“Let me stop you right there,” the grandmother says. “When her parents brought her in, her mother had a purse. In that purse is my paycheck. I’m just here to pick that up.”

Because the little girl had no one, the nurse picked her up and held her when it was time to remove the ventilator. She sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. The room started to fill up. All the nurses and doctors on the floor crowded into the room, singing to the little girl as she passed away.

Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.

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