American Idol Winner Left The Crowd Speechless When He Sang The Anthem. At 1:40, I Was Blown Away.

He did the anthem justice. He sang it perfectly the way everyone should sing it.

Nick Fradiani National Anthem

When recent American Idol winner, Nick Fradiani, sang the National Anthem in front of a crowd of thousands of people in our nation’s capitol, we were not expecting him to sing the song like this!

Coming off of his incredible victory on the popular television show, most everyone would expect that this superstar would have an inflated ego and a huge sense of superiority. But when he stepped up onstage, with a group of Marines solemnly standing guard behind him, we were all surprised at the amazing talent he showed off all while maintaining his ever present humble attitude.

While most superstars spend their time talking about themselves, Fradiani kept his demeanor simple, and only “showed off” with his incredible voice. Singing one of the most difficult songs out there, the 14th American Idol victor sung it all “straight.” He left out any little flourish that we’ve grown to expect from other singers, and he sung the whole Anthem with a sense of respect and reserve that our song deserves.

When all was said and done he ended the whole song with a quick bow, and kept up his respectful attitude all throughout. While most singers like to make this song about them, Fradiani showed the nation his true self by performing the Anthem in this perfect fashion.

By making the song about our nation’s flag he showed all of us that he’s a true American, capable of giving our country and its brave soldiers the respect that they deserve. Nothing crazy, nothing unique, just plain old simple singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” He kept it in tune, he kept it in his range, he sang it with passion…and it was absolutely beautiful to listen to.