She’s Singing An Ed Sheeran Song, Then HE Walks Onstage Giving Her The Surprise Of Her Life


Thirteen year old Syndey Bourbeau was singing at West Edmonton Mall for a fundraiser supporting the Edmonton Humane Society. She was in the middle of singing Ed Sheerans’s hit “Thinking Out Loud” when Ed himself joined her onstage to join in with a duet.

Sydney said it felt like a dream and though appeared to keep her composure, said she was “freaking out” on the inside especially when he hugged her.

She said he is her favorite male artist and as her heart was beating and she said she just wanted to cry, she did a fabulous job singing right along with him.

No doubt, this is a day she will never forget, and Ed Sheeran’s manager even contacted her and got her front row tickets to Ed’s next concert.

What a fun impromptu concert, not only for Sydney – but for everyone there!