Man Tries To Abandon His Wife’s Cat. What Follows Is Downright Hilarious!

This is funny...I don't care who you are LOL


cat on phone

Do you ever wonder how lost pets sometimes find their way home? I mean seriously… I have a hard time finding my way out of a Sam’s Club and yet I’ve heard stories of dogs and cats making their way home from miles away. It’s like they have some sort of built-in, sophisticated GPS!

As you’ll see in this story, it’s all about navigational skills baby and this cat has ’em.

This guy’s wife gets a cat and he hates it. So one day, while his wife is gone to work, the guy puts the cat in the back seat of the car, drives a few blocks, and lets the cat out. When he gets home, the cat’s sitting there on the front porch.

So the next day, the guy waits until his wife leaves for work again, then throws the cat in the car, drives a mile away from the house, and tosses the cat out. When he gets home, the cat’s sitting there again on the front porch.

Well, the guy’s furious. So he waits until the next day, then throws the cat in the car and drives as far and fast as he can, making all the turns and doubling back he can to throw off the cat. He dumps out the cat and heads home, but realizes he can’t figure out where he is.

So that afternoon, his wife comes home and answers the ringing phone. It’s her husband. He asks, “Is the cat there?”

She says, “Yes.”

The guy says, “I’m lost. Put the cat on the phone.”