This Guy Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time. Instant Dose Of Karma.


Call it what you will (road rage, negligence, whatever…) but karma is going get you, especially if you’re a big jerk.

A Camaro driver was trying to pass on the right hand side, a dangerous move but one that is more and more common these days. He nearly sideswipes a pickup — and the pickup driver reacts by boxing him in against a big rig. Clearly both of these drivers are antagonizing each other now.

The Camaro driver wasn’t going to stand for this. Instead, he attempts a high-speed pass on a grassy median. Predictably, the buffoon loses control of the car, hits the pickup, and sends them both into the path of the tractor-trailer. All three end up going off the highway. Fortunately it doesn’t look as if anyone was seriously injured.

For the record, I’m not sure the semi-truck was acting totally uninvolved here. Could he have let off the gas to let both drivers go by?

What are your thoughts, who do you think catches the blame here?