These Honest Confessions By Dads Will Have You Rolling


We interviewed several area dads on everything from politics to gardening. Their honest answers will make you laugh, but you’ll also see how great these guys are!

Dave Andrews, Hiking Enthusiast, Father of 2

Stuff Happens Dads

“I’m proud to be raising my kids as vegans. My wife always said we would, and we are. I can always offer to run to the grocery store and scarf down a double bacon burger. Win, win.”

Sean McNichol, Advertising Executive, Father of 4

“I believe in equal pay for equal work, sure. But I am really glad all my kids are boys. That way, when I’m old, I’ll know they can support me.”

Jesse Sharp, DJ, Father-to-Be

“I’m stoked that I’m going to be a dad! I am absolutely certain that it will not change my lifestyle even the tiniest bit. Nope. Not at all.”

Jason Landry, Organic Farmer, father of 2

“Sometimes I lay down in the cornfield and put a little fake blood around my mouth and wait for one of the kids to find me. It’s good practice for them, and it lets me know that they really love me.”

Kendrick Jones, Neurosurgeon, father of 3

“I saved seven lives today. When I get home, my wife is going to complain about cooking dinner with the assistance of our 3 helpful, well-behaved kids. Maybe if I keep my sunglasses on, I can stay out of trouble for rolling my eyes.”

Kyle Simmons, Stay-At-Home-Dad, 1 Kid

“I don’t really know what the big deal is. If she’s old enough to watch The Hunger Games I don’t see a problem showing her Battle Royale.”

Ronald Ledge, Teacher, 1 Kid

“I felt bad for my daughter since she’d never gotten a call or text from a boy. So I hired the kid who works at the supermarket to text her once a day. Then I had to send that kid to jail for texting my underage daughter. How was I supposed to know he was 18?”

Freddy Winchester, IT Professional, 2 Kids

“When it was time to have the sex talk with my son, I told my wife to do it and went on a 4-day fishing trip out of cell phone range. Soon, it will be time to talk to my daughter. I already booked a cabin in the middle of a no-cell zone. I’m not coming back until I’m sure it’s safe”

John Lee, Contractor, 1 Kid

“I teach my 3-year-old creative curses to surprise his mom with when she gets home from work.”

Will Lewis, EMT, 4 Kids

“I told my kids I was getting them a puppy, and then I told them that the puppies were infected with chlamydia. That backfired, because then I had to tell them about chlamydia. And koala bears. It was a mess.”