While His Wife Was Gone, Dad Set Up A Camera And Captures THIS!

Home With Dada

The bond between father and son is truly a special one. Over a million people have been delighted by the video below.

The video’s featured father and creator, Emio, describes it as, “A comprehensive report on the happenings of father and son while Mama is at work for the afternoon. I started shooting this video after his nap, and before bath/dinner/bedtime.”

Emio made this video for his unsuspecting wife, Stephanie, who he said gave him brownie points for making the video so popular. It quickly went viral, and was even featured on MSNBC.

This clip has so many adorable moments, from making a mess of toys on the floor to the sweetest cleanup time you’ve ever seen.

Thousands of people have responded to “Home With Dada” with heartfelt comments. Watching this, you can’t help but remember the good ole days, playing on the carpet with your little kids. It’s a great reminder of how fast time flies and to cherish every single moment.

“He had turkey hot dogs and applesauce for lunch, and we both got applesauce on our shirts, which is why we took them off.”