Mom Catches Her Husband Doing This While He Watches The Kids, And It’s Hilarious!


Sometimes the most innocent acts create the most unusual results. Rugeana wanted Grandma to get a sneak peak watching her little granddaughters playing. A simple enough idea. So she set up a camera and shows the children playing and dancing in the room. Until…Dad shows up.

With the laundry basket in hand, and after seeing the fun, he decides he is missing out and shows his girls how to really dance. Down goes the laundry basket and dad gets down with his moves – some of them cannot be described using ordinary words.

Rugeana plays the video and loses it when she sees her husband doing unbelievable things with his body. It is times like this that create memories far beyond the digital world, into the hearts and minds of the family that are one of those “forever” moments.