She Ties A T-Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. When She Takes It Off, Amazing!


Do you wish to have beautiful curls, but don’t want to spend the time it takes to curl them with heat? This woman has the perfect solution.

Start with your hair fresh out of the shower. She then adds a product that is a heat protectant spray, though no heat is needs. She adds a couple of other products for shine and to keep the frizz down. She smooths it from the roots down and combs though her hair to evenly distribute.

She then places a t-shirt on the bed and lays her head down on it to wrap the t-shirt around the base of her neck and pulling it around the head using the sleeves to tie down the shirt that will make a turbin. This will protect the curls while sleeping and the hair naturally dries overnight.

When she removes the shirt in the morning, she has beautiful curls that cascade down her back.

She says there may be only slight touch ups to do with the curling iron around the face. What a simple way to have a beautiful hairdo that looks like you spent hours and hours curling it.