14 Unbelievable Facts About Coke The Company Does NOT Want You To Know

Unbelievable Coke Facts

It’s pretty incredible, think about how much people drink this stuff!

1. Clean Grimy Coins With Coca-Cola

Unbelievable Coke Facts

We’ve all come across those coins that have been sitting too long and somehow collected everything around them that’s gross. Just toss them in a bowl and pour in some Coke. Let them soak for a few hours and they’re as good as new.

2. Use Coke As An Easy And Very Effective Insect Repellant


Just pour some Coke into a bowl and lay it on the ground away from where you and your friends will be. The insects will be attracted to the sweetness and acidity of the soda and will leave you alone.

3. Coke Can Be Used To Remove Bloodstains From Clothes


In many states the highway patrol carries a couple gallons of Coke in their vehicles to remove blood from the highway after a car accident. It works just as well for clothes!

4. Get The Burnt Residue Un-stuck From The Bottom Of The Pan


You’ve probably thrown a pan or two away from the residue that is created from burnt pans. Instead of tossing it, pour Coke in the pan and let us soak all night. The next day, the residue should have peeled off and be easy to clean.

5. Make Your Car Battery Last Longer


Many car battery problems are a result of corrosion on the cables & terminals. But, if you pour some Coca-Cola over the terminals then it’ll clean it right up and your battery will function better!

6. Get Grease Stains Out That Detergent Will Not Clean


If you’re cooking or eating and get grease or oil on your clothes, toss the items into the washing machine, pour some Coke in with the detergent and run the normal cycle.

7. Fix A Bad Hair Dye Job With DIET Coke


You were aiming for beautiful red hair like WWE’s Eva Marie but instead it turned out like Dennis Rodman. Don’t worry–just soak it in Diet Coke and you’ll remove the dye easily.

8. Get Gum Out Of Your Hair With Coca-Cola


For 20 minutes, soak your hair and the gum with Coke and the gum will let go!

9. Get Paint Off Of Metal Surfaces Using Coca-Cola


Use a towel that you’re okay parting with–soak it in Coke and lay it on the paint you want gone for a few hours. The paint will be gone when you remove the towel.

10. You Can Use Coke To Clean Oil Stains From Your Garage Floor


Pour the Coke of the stains, let soak, rinse with water and you’re done. Check out this 60 second “how-to” video.

11. Clean Tile Residue Quickly With Coke


Tile grout is one of the most annoying household cleaning tasks. With Coca-Cola, just pout it on the tile and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe the Coke away and the dirt will vanish with it.

12. Remove Pet Stains On Carpet With Coca-Cola


If your furry friends mark up your carpet, use Coke to clean it up. Pour the coke on the marked spots and then scrub it with a solution of soap & water. Whala! No more stain.

13. Use Coke and Aluminum Foil To Clean Chrome


Pour the Coke onto the filthy chrome and wipe it with aluminum foil.

14. Clean Your Toilet With Coca-Cola


If tile cleaning isn’t you’re least favorite chore then maybe toilet cleaning is. Make it easier by pouring a can of coke into the bowl and letting it soak overnight. Scrub the toilet the next morning and you’re all done!

Who knew that Coca-Cola could be used to clean so many different things! It’s almost strange to drink after reading all of those. Have you used Coke to clean other things? Let us know!