Biker Gang Stops By The Side Of The Road. What They Discover? Incredible.


Rhonda Thill lost her husband Randy in a horrific motorcycle crash last month. But that’s not the story she wants to tell.


“It means a lot,” said Rhonda.

In the days following Randy’s tragic accident, Rhonda received the personal belongings that Randy had with him on that fateful night on Highway 61. Searching through his belongings, she realized that his wedding ring was missing.

She knew Randy had been wearing his ring when he went out.

“I figured it had to be somewhere. Maybe the force of the impact – it came off or whatever,” she said.

She desperately wanted the ring back.

“I didn’t want it to be just left out there,” she said.

She relayed her concerns to one of her closest friends, an avid biker who had also been a friend of Randy’s. He told a dozen other bikers.

“A couple of those guys I’ve never even met,” Rhonda said.

It wasn’t long before all of the bikers were on their hands and knees looking for the ring on Highway 61.


The grass in the median in which he crashed was waist high, but one of the men saw a glint of gold, wedged in the dirt, that turned out to be the ring.

All of the men showed up at Rhonda’s door with the ring.


“It was probably the first time since Randy’s death I had an actual smile on my face, after I stopped crying, because I was so happy about it,” Rhonda said.

She says that the ring won’t bring Randy back, but it certainly brings back a feeling of him, and it’s not a feeling she’ll ever forget.

“It just kind of feels like I’ve got a piece of us back together,” she said, expressing that she feels less alone knowing that there are so many people who care about her and who cared about Randy.