Just When You Think You Know What You’re Looking At…What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!!

There’s nothing unusual about birds perched on a tree’s branches...until you see this!


According to a UK-based video sharing website, this popular clip was reportedly filmed in Zaandam, North Holland, Netherlands. Now it’s beginning to circulate on social media platforms.

At the beginning of the clip, things look relatively normal. All you see is the image of a tree. However, what you can’t see with the naked eye is that the leaves on the tree really aren’t leaves. They’re actually birds!

Most viewers are quite amazed by the rare footage, while others find it quite terrifying to see so many birds fly at one time.

“It’s kind of creepy how the bird song suddenly stops when they all launch at the same time,” one user said.

“At first I was like meh this is boring, and then Wowww Weeeeeee Fantastic!!” another user said of the video.

The man capturing the footage can hardly believe his eyes either.