This Waterslide Looks Pretty Ordinary, But Wait Until You See The Bottom!


It’s summer time, which means the sun is shining, the water parks are open, and there are many outdoor adventures to be had — but this ride takes “thrilling” to a whole new level.

The video below features fun in the sun and attractive-looking park-goers, but the star of the show is the outlandish water slide that’s gone massively viral.

BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas is home to a new super slide called the Royal Flush. Brave riders plummet down a 100-foot-tall slide. Once they hit the bottom within mere seconds, they’re literally launched into the sky before landing in a 12-foot-deep pool of water.

To slide down the Royal Flush takes some serious guts, and commenters are definitely divided. Some think it looks way too scary, while others are ready to buy their plane tickets to Waco.

So what do you think…would you be willing to go?