When She Opens Her Eyes This Woman Will See The Man She Walked Away From 30 Years Ago

she sees man 30 years later

Imagine giving someone you love an embrace, and then walking away…never to see them until 30 years later — by surprise.

Such is the love story for artists Marina Abramovic and Uwe Laysiepen aka Ulay, who met in the middle of the Great Wall of China 30 years ago, only to say goodbye.

Now, imagine closing your eyes and opening to find the person you said goodbye to sitting directly across from you.

Abramovic, who refers to herself as the “grandmother of performance art,” tells about the moment she saw Ulay sitting across from her:

“I absolutely didn’t expect he’d come to sit. The moment he sat – and everyone got very sentimental about it, because they were projecting their own relationships on to us – but it was so incredibly difficult. It was the only time I broke the rules.”

And although they don’t exchange words, their eyes say everything.