This Rude Customer Picked The Wrong Waitress To Harass. Her Response Is Perfect!

Rude to waitress

A recent security video uploaded to YouTube shows one victim of sexual harassment fighting back against her assailant.

It is believed to have occurred in Russia, since it is titled in Russian, and shows a waitress going about her job at work in a restaurant-bar type establishment.

Two men are sat at the bar and when she goes over to them, one tries to to push something down her shirt. She shoves him and his hand away strongly then backs away and starts to leave. The man jumps up after her and disgustingly tries to grab her backside, which earns him a hard slap on the head by the waitress with a menu. He staggers back but keeps after the woman, who winds up again and slams the menu back in his face, causing him to fall to the floor. He appears to cry in pain or embarrassment on the ground and finally others come over to see what is happening. They pick him up and bring him out of view, and hopefully they kicked him out for good.