Researchers Claim You Can “Fart Yourself Thin”, Burning 67 Calories Per Fart

Fart Yourself Thin

Everyone loves to fart and hates to exercise. Many of us are excited by the news that farting could potentially make you lose weight! “If you fart all day, You could be a size two by Christmas”

With obesity rates soaring in America, people are looking into alternative ways to lose weight. Researchers have found the newest fat burning tip, which is the biggest weight loss breakthrough since the Atkins diet.

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A new study coming out of Stanford University claims that “one fart burns approximately 67 calories. Farting 52 times in one day can burn 1 pound of fat.” In addition to that, the amount of calories burned by farting would also depend on how long the fart lasts and how much energy you use to do it. For those longer, extended farts, some people can burn close to 90 calories per release.

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Even Google suggests that farting burns 67 calories per one flavor explosion. That means that if one farts ten times in one day, they’d be burning 670 calories. Fart twenty times and you could basically discount anything you ate! Considering that an average human farts 14 times per day already, a couple of extras wouldn’t be difficult! Best. Diet. Ever.

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Researchers are recommending, “just let it go.” Additionally, scientists predict that every time you pass gas, you add an additional 85 seconds to your life. At the end of the day, for most people, that could add up to several years of additional time to spend with your loved ones.

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“People say it is rude,” explained Robert Dingle, lead researcher at Stanford. “But it’s your life, not theirs. If they want to be overweight and die early, that’s their choice. But if you want to live long, fart long!”

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But remember

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