Shocking Punk Rocker Gets Make Under, And She Turns Into Total Stunner!

Punk Rocker Gets Make Under

In the UK there is a TV show called, ‘Snog Marry Avoid’, that gives young adults and teens that have extreme looks a ‘make under’ to show them that they can look great without going to such extremes. But this transformation has to be one of the best we’ve ever seen!

Meet 20-year-old Mel. She has hot pink hair, face piercings, and wears a ton of make-up. She has never even thought about going for more of a “lady-like” look but thought it would be a laugh so approached the show. They started by giving her less of a punk looking hairstyle and gave her much more subtle make up.

Before the make under, most men said that they would try to avoid her because of her “scary” looks. After her ‘make under’ they took another survery and the results shifted dramatically.

Watch this amazing transformation in the video below:

So glad she did this complete re-do, but now the big question is…will she stay this way?