Her Baby Started Crying In Class. But This Professor Surprised Everyone When He Did This!


A Mom stood up to leave Prof. Sydney Engelberg’s lecture because her baby wouldn’t stop crying.

According to the professors daughter, Engelberg allows the mothers that attend his masters’ lectures to bring their children and even breastfeed.

But what is his policy should the babies start to cry and disrupt that class?

Prof. Engelberg, a 45-year lecturing veteran at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was unfazed when the child of a mother at his lecture on organizational behavior began to cry. The embarrassed mom tried to leave the class, but instead, the father-of-four and grandfather-of-five scooped the kid up and soothed him in his arms – without missing a beat in the lesson.

No mother should have to choose between a child and an education!


Instead, however, the professor took the child into his arms and continued teaching – as if nothing had happened


“The way he sees the concept of getting education is not only learning the dry facts that you need to learn in class, but also learning values,” wrote his daughter, Sarit Fishbaine


Think how many more women would be able to further their education if all professors and universities were this understanding.