He Peed On A Pregnancy Test As A Joke. He Had No Idea It Would Save His Life!

pregnancy test joke saves life

After reading this story, I was eager to do more research to determine the truth behind it all.

Even though the social media site Reddit may have a bad rap for offensive and lewd content, this post by Cappnpoopdeck is indeed legitimate, according to TIME magazine.

What started off as a joke to share with his ex-girlfriend turned out to save his life. Who knew that a positive pregnancy test could mean so much more than a new addition to the family. This story is beyond eye-opening!

Pregnancy Test Joke Saves Life
Pregnancy Test Joke Saves Life

Pregnancy tests produce a positive result upon the detection of the HCG, a hormone that is produced not only by pregnancy in women but also by testicular tumors in men.

Immediately after Cappnpoopdeck’s friend got word that he may have testicular cancer by other Redditors, he visited the doctor and discovered a small tumor in his testicle. He was beyond grateful to the Redditors who offered him health advice and ultimately saved his life.

Although a pregnancy test is not the ultimate form of detection for testicular cancer, there’s plenty that this little stick can tell about what’s going on inside ALL of our bodies.