From The Outside This Looks Like A Normal Camper, But When It’s Converted? Wow!

The coolest mobile camper EVER, called the The Urban Campsite!


#1 ‘The Urban Campsite’

Designers Annette van Driel and Francis Nijenhuis are the creators of The Urban Campsite. Their camper has a shade structure on the clear side that can be raised or lowered to let in the amount of sun that you want. Imagine sunbathing without mosquitoes?


#2 A Mobile Camper

The mobile home unfolds like an accordion once it’s moved off the road and ready to setup.

#3 It’s Expandable

When parked at its destination, the camper’s floor space can be tripled in size.

#4 The Floor Plan

It’s so roomy that one could actually make a home of it. . . never mind that it’s a camper!

#5 A Surprising Luxury

For those people who do NOT enjoy cooking over a fire and peeing outside, this camper offers the luxuries of a modern home supplied while you travel on the road.

#6 Peaceful Sleeping

The Urban Campsite at night looks like a beautiful glowing lantern set agaisnt a natural environment.

#7 Comfortable & Modern

Amazing, but there are more seating areas inside that could be used as a living room. Also, as you can see there’s a lot of storage space and modern built kitchen conveniences.