This Man Filmed The Heavens For A Week. The Final Result Took My Breath Away.


This video was shot by a photographer visiting El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain. The camera is set to record throughout the day and the film has then been speeded up. The mountain is home to Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories. When you see the stars on this video and the clarity of the sky, it is not difficult to see why they chose this spot for the observatory.

Here he has set the camera up in a forest whose trees are higher than the clouds.

When night falls, the stars are breath taking.

You can enjoy the whole video below. Even the background music is gorgeous. I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Sometimes I think it is too easy to forget just how stunningly beautiful the world is. We should all take the time to spend some time with nature from time to time in order to reflect on the magic all around us.