Loyal Dog Doesn’t Let Anyone Touch Pregnant Mom’s Belly And It’s Hilarious!


Dogs are cuddly, protective and down right loyal. There’s nothing better than a dog who’s got your back and for the case of this mommy-to-be, this dog has got her belly!

They were beyond thrilled at the idea of the arrival of their first child that they decided to invite a few friends over to celebrate. They had no idea that a casual, fun night would turn into one to remember.

As guests filled their home with chatter and laughter, they began to notice their dog acting bizarre. He would growl under his breath and move in such a way as if he was ready to attack. It wasn’t until one guest got a little too close to mommy that they figured out what his deal really was.

As their friend reached over to touch her pregnant belly, the dog barked and leaped towards him defensively. It was his way of saying, “Back off!” Their dog wouldn’t let the friend or anyone else go near the expecting mommy, and while everyone laughed at the scene, the dog just growled in anger.

If this dog is so protective now, I can only imagine how he’ll be when the baby is born. Talk about loyalty!