This Amazing RECIPE for Homemade Hamburger Helper Means You’ll NEVER Go Back To The Box!

homemade hambruger helper

Remember when we were kids? If you were like me, you probably grew up on Hamburger Helper meals. My Mom was constantly on-the-go, so anything that could help make dinner time a little smoother, she was quick to get her hands on. Naturally, Hamburger Helper became a common addition to our suppertime routine.

Now that I’m a mother, I find myself drawn to that inviting box of yumminess, out of pure habit. I think, “It’s what I grew up with, so I’m sure my kids will love it too.” But curiosity overcomes me and I take a peek at the product’s ingredients, and well, I must admit I’m a little taken back. With a few additives that raise my eyebrow, I put the box back on the shelf with a sigh.

But wait – the ease and deliciousness of Hamburger Helper doesn’t need to be forgotten entirely! Divas Can Cook have come up with a homemade version of the dinnertime classic that comes together just as quick as the boxed kind and incorporates only real ingredients…that’s right, NO msg!

That’s what I’m talking about! I can’t wait to try this recipe for dinner tonight. If it tastes anything like the original (and judging by the video’s reviews – I’m confident it will), I think I’ll be taking a little trip down memory lane this evening!