Would You Love Donuts With TONS Of Flavor But NO Guilt? Well Here They Are!


If you’re like me then you love the incredibly scrumptious taste of donuts, fresh from the bakery, still warm to the touch! Obviously.

But the idea of changing out of your comfy PJs and trekking all the way to the bakery probably puts a damper on the thought of donuts.

What if I told you to leave your comfy PJs on because you don’t need to go anywhere to have delicious, bakery-quality donuts at your fingertips! In the video below, One Pot Chef shows you how to make this sinfully sweet treat from the comfort of your own home!


He bakes the donuts in the oven, which is a much lighter alternative to traditional deep fried donuts! And, if you’re worried that this strategy will affect the taste, trust me, it doesn’t!

He even suggests dipping the finished products in vanilla sugar for an added touch of goodness. I’m going to try out this recipe and I might even try some different flavors as well – it’s just too easy not to!